Outgoing Mail

United States Postal Service

Mail to be metered and sent to the post office should have an Organization Code placed somewhere on the letter or flat. If several pieces are bundled together, the Organization Code only needs to be on the first piece. Single letters or flats with NO Organization Code will be rejected. If there are 10 pieces or more under the same Organization Code, a metered mailing form must be filled out.

Metered Mailing Form

The metered mailing form can be found here (PDF format). This form indicates the type of postage required as well as which department and person is sending out the mailing. This form is required for every mailing that contains five pieces or more under the same Organization Code.


UPS packages can be sent through mailroom with an Organization Code. Tracking numbers will be provided to the department by request. We do carry UPS express boxes, express envelopes, and express pad packs. UPS packages cannot be processed after 3pm


Fedex can no longer be processed with an Organization Code in the mailroom. Any waybill under the George Mason University general account will be rejected. If Fedex must be used, an account for the department must be created through Fedex and paid for with the department’s P-card.

Completed FedEx packages can be dropped off at the Patriot Postal and Packaging Center (in The Hub) by 3pm for same day pickup and at the Mail & Go automated mail kiosk in the Johnson Center. FedEx express envelopes can also be dropped off in the Johnson Center in a Fedex pickup box located by the main entrance no later than 6pm for same day pickup.

Bulk Mailmailservicesentrance

It is advisable that you contact the University’s Mail Services prior to the creation and mailing of all USPS Bulk mailings. The University has a Permit No. 1532 with the United States Post Office to accept bulk mailings. This provides the University with the ability to process large volume mailings at a significantly discounted postage rate. University departments, as well as recognized student or faculty organizations, may be eligible to use permit. You cannot use the bulk permit for international mailings.


  • Standard Mail is not sealed against postal inspection.
  • Must be of a non-personal nature.
  • USPS does not guarantee delivery within a specific time period.

Eligibility Requirements

What Is Bulk Mail

  • Mailing must consist of 200 pieces or 50 pounds.
  • Individual pieces must not exceed 16 ounces.
  • Mailing pieces must be printed or duplicated.
  • Pieces must be of identical size, weight and content.
  • Pieces must be SEALED — You may not use staples to seal.
  • Always use a Mason return address and include “George Mason University” in the body of the return address.
  • Must have an indicia (permit number included) in the upper right hand corner of the envelope in place of postage. For example:

Non-Profit Organization
U.S. Postage Paid
Permit No. 1532
Fairfax, Virginia


  • Minimum: 3 ½” high and 5″ long
  • Maximum: 6 1/8″ high and 11 ½” long

An authorization form MUST be obtained from Mail Services before you mail under Permit No. 1532. The Post Office Bulk Mail Acceptance Unit will not accept your mailing without the form. All mail bearing Permit No. 1532 must be presented to the Bulk Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) at the Fairfax Post Office.

Please Note: Mason Mail Services can provide a limited supply of intercampus envelopes if they are requested before the normal mail delivery time for that department. Mail Services does not purchase intercampus envelopes and therefore cannot always provide them.

Package Pick Up Times

Package Pick Up

Monday – Friday:
9:00am to 5:00pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Mailing Addresses

Mason Students: The mailing address for incoming mail is:
[Student Name]
4450 Rivanna River Way PMB#
Fairfax Va 22030

Mason Departments: The mailing address is:
[Recipient's Name]
MSN# and Department Name
4400 University Drive
Fairfax VA 22030