NOTE: We have made some changes to respond to student needs. Please read this carefully.

Do Not Forget To Close Out Your Mailbox!

Please make sure to close out your mailboxes before you graduate, attend a semester abroad, or leave Mason for more than a semester. Click here to fill out the closing form. No need to turn in your key any longer because we have changed to a keyless system. You can forward your mail for 90 days domestically. Use the mailbox closing form to forward your mail. Not closing your mailbox may result in a hold on your account.


What New This Semester?

Student mailboxes have been removed and replaced with a file system behind the counter.

You no longer need a key or combination to access your mail. You are free to dispose of your old key at your leisure.

If you are a returning student, your mailbox number will stay the same as long as you still live on campus.

If you are a new student living on campus, please see the section below labeled “I’m New.”

How Do I get My Letters?

Letters are now stored behind the counter using your assigned mailbox number. Please see a Canon mail representative, provide us your mailbox number and student ID, and we will retrieve your letters.

What About Packages?

Packages are now stored in the new Smart Locker System.

How Do I Get My Packages?

We will send an email to your account notifying you that a package has arrived. The email will contain the locker number and access code required to retrieve your package.

You will not have an individual Smart Locker. Once you remove your package, the locker will be reused for another student and will utilize a new random access code.

I’m New. How Do I Get My Mailbox Number?

Please register here. You will receive an email within 24 to 48 hours with your new mailbox number.


Package Pick Up Times

Package Pick Up

Monday – Friday:
9:00am to 5:00pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Mailing Addresses

Mason Students: The mailing address for incoming mail is:
[Student Name]
4450 Rivanna River Way PMB#
Fairfax Va 22030

Mason Departments: The mailing address is:
[Recipient's Name]
MSN# and Department Name
4400 University Drive
Fairfax VA 22030